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The Full Story

About Hafjall

Hafjall (Háfjall) is the highest mountain in the city of Klaksvik - the second largest town on Faroe Island (pictured below). The name means high mountain and is my Faroese family name. Being half Faroese and half Danish, and brought up in Denmark, has meant that I was raised with exposure to two, in many ways, very different cultures - within the same Kingdom. That has, at an early age, opened my eyes to the fact that things can be done in multiple ways - there is not a "right way", but different cultures do things differently. It sharpened my curiosity. This, combined with an upbringing largely based on reflection and coaching - has formed who I am today

Hafjall, Faroe Island, Háfjall, Fæøerne

About Mountains

For me, mountains symbolize stability, strength, calmness and beauty. A mountain is stable and withstands storms and unpleasant weather. It can at times even protect others from poor weather and high sea. Inside a mountain, there is stability. The higher you climb a mountain, the better overview you will get. The perspective widens. Nuances and insights become clearer. But climbing a mountain can also be risky. You have to take risks, and it usually takes time. And not everyone is ready for this journey 


(By now, you may have guessed - that my logo symbolizes my sir name) 

About Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools I know. Having been asked reflective questions since I was young has formed the way I think today. It has also widened my awareness of myself and who I am. Over my professional career, I have, like others, made poor judgements and plenty of mistakes. But the combination of continuously seeking feedback, reflecting upon those, staying curious and taking calculated risks became the main drivers behind my personal and professional growth. My vertical development


A coaching journey, therefore, resembles climbing a mountain in many ways. As you grow as a person, you become more resilient and stable. Your ability to ride out the storms grows, and your ability to shield others increases. Inside, you remain stable like a rock. And as you gradually climb the mountain, your perspective widens, and obstacles previously considered impossible - suddenly become manageable 

Viðareiði, Faroe Island, Viderø, Fæøerne
Gásadalúr, Faroe Island, Gasadalur, Fæøerne

About HAFJALL Consulting

I have chosen the name HAFJALL Consulting as it combines my family name and its meaning with vertical development and what, for me coaching symbolizes. Rock solid growth!


Why then HAFJALL Consulting and not HAFJALL Coaching?


Because coaching is all about helping clients release their full potential from within. To stay with the mountain climbing analogy, you sometimes benefit from a tunnel through the mountain to accelerate a journey (development) that may otherwise take a long time to finalize and result in several setbacks underway. That may be knowledge from a more experienced within a particular field (mentoring) or someone with a strong understanding and knowledge of specific topics (consulting). Coaching, mentoring and consulting, therefore, have some overlap in what they can do to help people grow but are still very different services and methods. It does not mean that they cannot be combined in a development package over time, but it is not advisable to be gathered in one single session. 


As "consulting" has the broadest meaning - I chose HAFJALL Consulting as my corporate name

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