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Accelerated Coaching Package


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3 Months

About the Package

Accelerated Coaching Package

The accelerated coaching package is beneficial where you have a specific challenge or need and requires a few sessions (and thus also time) to work your way through the topic. The three months are very useful when a specific challenge/development need has been identified, and you want to work on it acceleratedly with the coach's help. Initially, the challenge may be slightly blurry or unclear. With the coach's help, you become more conscious of the challenge, and with this increased self-awareness and self, it becomes easier to pave the way for your growth and a permanent change.

With the coach, you decide how you want to utilize the sessions over a 3-month period. Typically the coaching frequency is higher early in the process.

A session typically lasts 60-90 minutes

Your Coach

Kim Háfjall

Kim Háfjall

Founder and CEO of Hafjall Consulting

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