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Executive VIP package


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1 Year

About the Package

Executive VIP Package

The Executive VIP package is the most extensive coaching and mentoring package that include 1-year of coaching and mentoring sessions. You may sometimes need coaching to continuously develop vertically. Learn new and more constructive ways to solve challenges and create business results. At times, mentoring schemes are more relevant; other times, even a neutral sounding board with a trusted mentor/consultant may be more helpful help in a given situation. As they say, "Leadership is lonely at the top," but it doesn’t have to be. The Executive VIP package combines it all. Depending on your needs, sessions will take the form needed to support your challenges. As the support is different, the required type of support is agreed upon before every session. The service provided matches what is expected for coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

In addition to dual use, accessibility is VIP. Therefore, meeting appointments are usually possible on the same day and can be used for longer sessions. Flexibility is the key for senior executives, and this package provides that. As leaders do not work 9-5, the availability of the coach/mentor is more flexible and caters to urgent weekend needs too.

This makes the package particularly useful for leaders who experience a wide range of challenges and sometimes need urgent support in coaching, mentoring, or even consulting support.

You decide for yourself when you want to utilize the coaching / mentoring/consulting sessions within 12 months. Typically the coaching frequency is higher early in the process.

A session typically lasts 60-90 minutes

Your Coach

Kim Háfjall

Kim Háfjall

Founder and CEO of Hafjall Consulting

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