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Vertical Development Package


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12 Months

About the Package

Vertical Development Package

Vertical development takes time. The vertical development package is the most extensive standard coaching package and includes sessions over 12 months. As this provides sufficient time to work on different topics that have been identified, you will experience visible vertical growth as your leadership agility widens. As you grow, you begin to observe, lead, and handle situations in new, more valuable, and constructive ways. The length of this package also provides ample opportunity to identify recurring themes that can prevent you from evolving in a more accelerated way.

This package is ideal for the driven, high-potential talents and managers who want to accelerate their growth and fill more demanding senior or executive roles within a reasonable time frame.

With the coach, you decide when you want to utilize your coaching sessions within the 12 months. Typically the coaching frequency is higher early in the process.

A session typically lasts 60-90 minutes

Your Coach

Kim Háfjall

Kim Háfjall

Founder and CEO of Hafjall Consulting

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