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Kim Hafjall, Kim Háfjall

An experienced senior executive with a high passion for people, I have held diverse roles such as manager, finance manager, transformation change manager, group treasurer, CFO, and CEO in various types of businesses and countries. This global experience has not only given me a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and complexity of leadership but has also enriched my approach with a deep sense of cultural awareness. These roles have taught me about the new capabilities required in different types of leadership positions, particularly in cross-cultural contexts, and how to adapt when ill-equipped for a given challenge.

Cultural Understanding

Having lived and worked in Argentina, the UK, Venezuela, Romania, and Denmark, and holding regional and global roles in a multinational corporation where I have collaborated with individuals from over 80 nationalities, I've gained a broad understanding of diverse cultures. This exposure has been instrumental in shaping my effective cross-cultural leadership skills. I've come to understand how recognising and valuing cultural differences is essential for effective leadership and inclusion, and how diversity is a fundamental cornerstone of success for leaders and organisations.

Kim Hafjall, Kim Háfjall

Change and Transformation

Kim Hafjall, Kim Háfjall

With extensive experience in leading change and transformation, I have managed significant business transformations in diverse cultural environments like Venezuela and Romania. These experiences have provided me with a solid understanding of what change triggers in people and why consciously orchestrating transformations, with a sensitivity to cultural nuances, is pivotal for successful outcomes. Reflecting on my career, I recognise the evolution of my leadership agility, especially in cross-cultural settings, and how it has shaped my success in facing and overcoming challenges.

Reflection and Self-awareness

I am a highly self-aware and reflective individual. Throughout my life, I've focused on developing myself and others, a journey that has been crucial in shaping my cross-cultural leadership skills. This process of self-discovery is essential not only for personal growth but also for understanding one's own cultural background and biases, which is a critical step in effectively leading and interacting in multicultural environments. In my book "Vertical Development," I discuss how this self-awareness, combined with qualified coaching and mentoring, has led to constructive ways of leading and living, particularly in multicultural settings. It has enabled me to recognise and address my own unconscious biases and preferences, thereby enhancing my ability to navigate and overcome specific leadership challenges and achieve outstanding results.

Kim Hafjall, Kim Háfjall

I have coached, consulted and sparred with leaders, high-potentials and teams for more than ten years before "officially" becoming an academically trained executive coach (Henley Business School) and an accredited coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where I adhere to their code of ethics. 

People Development

Today, I dedicate my time exclusively to people development, a field where my global experiences and understanding of different cultures play a crucial role. Being conscious of how much other people's support has impacted my growth, I recognise the significant role I can play in fostering cross-cultural understanding and vertical development in others. Not everyone is fortunate to have mentors who challenge and guide them in a culturally sensitive manner. I am committed to filling this gap, driven by a genuine passion for people development and my purpose to be a 'Catalyst for Growth and Cultural Insights' in a culturally diverse world.

Hafjall Consulting, deeply rooted in extensive personal expertise and leadership experience, primarily relies on these foundational strengths to deliver its services. However, when projects demand a broader scope of skills or additional resources, the consultancy strategically engages with a network of partners in Denmark and abroad. In such cases, these partners operate under the direction and orchestration of Hafjall Consulting, effectively serving as an integral part of the team. This arrangement ensures that all services provided, whether directly or through partners, adhere to the same high standards of quality and expertise that clients expect. The involvement of partners is always a carefully managed process, where they are seamlessly integrated into Hafjall Consulting’s operations, maintaining a consistent and cohesive approach in all client solutions.


Educational Background

  • Masters of Science in Economics. University of Copenhagen

  • Certified Executive Coach, Henley Business School

  • ICF accredited

Vision / Mission / Values 

Drawing from extensive international experience, knowledge, and skills, the following vision, mission, and values have been crafted to guide and inspire successful leadership in a multicultural context

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Envisioning a world where leadership flourishes through inclusivity and effectiveness, shaped by a profound understanding of diverse cultural perspectives and their integration into organisational strategies and leadership practices.

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To empower leaders and organisations to excel in a multicultural business environment by focusing on enhancing cross-cultural understanding and leadership agility. This mission transforms challenges into opportunities for growth, aiming to drive impactful change in a globally interconnected world.

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  • Inclusivity: Embracing diverse cultural perspectives in all aspects of leadership.

  • Empathy: Understanding and resonating with diverse experiences globally.

  • Adaptability: Navigating change in a dynamic global landscape.

  • Collaboration: Encouraging teamwork within diverse environments.

  • Integrity: Upholding the highest standards in all interactions.

  • Innovation: Bringing creative solutions to multicultural challenges.

  • Lifelong Learning: Supporting continuous growth in cultural intelligence.

  • Impact: Striving to make a meaningful difference in global leadership.

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