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Pro Bono (DK only)

As part of my commitment to helping other people grow, I offer a certain amount of pro bono hours per year. I have chosen to dedicate these hours to younger professionals in Denmark experiencing challenges with social mobility. An at times, arduous journey that many professionals born in academic famillies are unaware of. 

The change in social status relative to one's current or previous social location within a given society can result in difficulties and challenges as a professional. Typical areas can be imposter syndrome, "whether I belong here" or "am I good enough compared to the others", to only mention a few a variations of one out of many challenges.

I grew up in a non-academic family and have experienced several challenges myself. I know it can be lonely when your network may not fully appreciate the challenges there may be. Therefore, I have chosen to focus my effort on this area. 

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Social Mobility

Pro Bono Coaching Program

I provide pro bono coaching services to up to 2 clients each quarter to support younger professionals to become successful in their social mobility journey and for whom traditional coaching services would be too costly. Clients who apply and are accepted into the program will receive three 1-hour sessions via video.

Pro Bono Coaching is specially geared toward and given to:
  • Younger Danish professionals (age 25-40)

-The reason for only offering this to Danes is that I come from the same culture and know the challenges and wish to support people through the journey I have been on

  • Come from a family with a non-academic background

  • Have succeeded in breaking the social class barrier and now hold a Masters's degree 

  • Are in a (professional) job

Program and Application Guidelines:
  • Applications can be submitted at any time

  • If/when approved, all sessions must be completed within three months

  • Applications may be submitted by filling in the "Contact Me" form, shortly describing who you are, your background, and how you believe coaching can help you become more comfortable and successful as a professional in your current role

Don't quite fit the criteria?
  • Set up a coaching consultation to discuss your situation.

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