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Vertically developing people is my passion. Imagine the impact on people, companies and organisations if their employees and leaders just operated a notch higher. What could not be achieved? What would the effect be on employee satisfaction, creativity and energy? Then imagine if every leader in the world were uplifted. In many ways, the sky is the limit. You only need to look at corporates led by leaders operating at the highest vertical leadership stages who demonstrate solid role models for their organisations and uplift employees and leaders through their live demonstration of strong leadership capacities and behaviours. That is why I like to share my passion and knowledge around vertical development and leadership with as many as possible in the hope that my contribution will inspire and develop more people. 

I make presentations around vertical development at events, conferences and corporates where I share the framework and how it can be used to develop graduates, leaders, and senior executives and, not least, be embedded in an organisation competency framework. I also train leaders in the concept; hence they can identify and work with vertically develop their teams and employees. 


Presentations and training typically fall under what is also known as horizontal development. The receiver is expected to provide much less input and primarily receive learning and knowledge.


Team training and presentations are powerful tools to bring up knowledge and awareness to the same level among a larger group of people within a short period. Depending on the topic, presentations/training can be entertaining or more insightful. Some issues can be both. In addition, it depends on the type of audience and what the client/arranger wishes to achieve. 


Presentations are, by nature, often lighter than team training and aim to inform and inspire. In that way, it is a helpful tool to add energy to a group of people while simultaneously adding a piece of knowledge and understanding (typically at a higher level) of a given topic. Team training and presentations can be delivered in areas like: 


•    Vertical Development /leadership agility

•    The power of coaching and mentoring

•    Cultural differences (different nationalities)

•    Understanding change/transformation

•    Effective communication

•    Various leadership topics etc.​

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