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Coaching sessions are typically held over Zoom/teams - enabling you to efficiently take the session from where you find most appropriate.
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Executive Coaching is solution focused. By nature, it will be non-prescriptive and based on one-to-one conversations. 

In Executive Coaching, the coachee primarily leads the workload and ideally should have a genuine interest in developing personally and professionally. Luckily, ambitious leaders do. By focusing on reflection and self-awareness, the coachee gets a clearer understanding of self and own beliefs and values. As your self-awareness becomes more robust, or if you already are very self-aware, the focus moves on strengthening your self-management, self-leadership and so forth. The executive coach facilitates the process.

​My strong executive leadership experience across different cultures, combined with my well-developed ability to reflect and be self-aware, hugely helps me direct the coachee toward new ways of exploring, understanding and developing themselves with the use of a wide variety of behavioural techniques and methods. Coaching as a tool, therefore, helps people grow their leadership agility. Coaching as a tool can accelerate growth within:

  • General people management

  • Building effective teams

  • Address Imposter Syndrome

  • Career progression

  • Managing difficult leadership conversations

  • Delivering results

  • Managing deadlines

  • Coping with cultures different from your own

  • Managing uncertainty

  • Lead change and transformation

  • Strengthen communication skills and the ability to speak in public

  • Improve your ability to delegate, co-create, collaborate and facilitate

  • Strengthen self-awareness

  • Strengthen self-belief

  • and much more


As the individual develops and becomes more agile, (s)he will be expanding the strategic toolbox that they have at their disposal – and coaching, therefore, becomes a permanent investment in themselves both at a personal and professional level.

See the Packages section for more on different coaching processes and what can be achieved in each.

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