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What would it take you to get there? Maybe you feel ill-prepared to fulfil your current role fully? Or you may already hold a more senior executive position but still feel it’s a bit over your head? I have tried it all and more....

People development is what I genuinely burn for. It is what fuels my energy and is my purpose in life. I fulfil it by helping leaders reach their full potential by focusing on their vertical development (leadership agility) through the disciplines; executive coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting. Download the three-winged brochure for a brief introduction to the Vertical Development stages.


As you grow vertically, you become more agile. Your understanding of context and managing stakeholders, self, and others materially improve. As your capacity grows, your ability to think and behave optimally increases, and you access a broader range of tools in your leadership toolbox. This vertical development enables you to lead more effectively and deliver world-class organisational results. Thus, you become better equipped to hold higher executive positions.

In my book "Vertical Development" I share my leadership journey and how the ability to reflect and take risks transformed how I lead, live and create results. How I grew vertically.

Vertical Development Stages (brief three-fold folder)

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Coaching is a powerful tool to help leaders grow their leadership agility (vertical development). As you grow as a leader and are promoted into higher positions, new and more sophisticated leadership capabilities are often required. Personalised coaching focuses on your reflective capacity and self-awareness and supports the journey towards self-management, self-leadership and self-mastery. 


This focus makes you more conscious of yourself and who you really are as a person and a leader. You become more inclusive, rounded and value diversity higher. A development journey I have been on myself for many years and of which I have shared many learnings in my book "Vertical Development".  


Leadership agility development can be accelerated through a thought-provoking and inspiring coaching process but also mentoring, still combined with specific coaching techniques that embed the learning in the client, can accelerate an agility growth journey. Training and consulting disciplines can act as supporting tools providing more horizontal understanding. Thus, complementing the accelerated and permanent vertical development journey - depending on the specific need and topic at hand. This is what I really burn for, and that is the exact reason why I have chosen the title - Catalyst for Growth

Read more about each discipline below

Kim Hafjall


Executive coaching helps you become more conscious of yourself and your strength and development needs and, after that, enables you to grow. This naturally leads to new ways of seeing things and approaching leadership challenges - helping better and more effective outcomes


Presentations and training are, by nature, more horizontal development. It typically seeks to enhance knowledge, add a new skillset or increase an understanding of a given topic among a group of people. The ultimate aim is usually to improve overall team performance


Is a process in which a mentor with more experience within certain areas or topics can provide a new perspective and direction to a mentee based on their own experience and learnings. In short cut, it can, at times, help accelerate vertical development


Can be more or less prescriptive advice/solutions and typically focus on problem-solving within areas where the consultant has substantial knowledge and expertise. It is closer to horizontal development but can also supplement a vertical development journey


Working with Kim as my executive coach has been transformative. He skilfully facilitated self-reflection exercises that allowed me to delve deep within myself, uncover my unique strengths and values, and articulate a clear vision for my leadership role, developing a strong sense of purpose. One of the most significant breakthroughs I experienced with Kim was overcoming assumptions and limiting beliefs that held me back. Through his guidance, I gained a fresh perspective and embraced the transformative power of reflection. This journey of self-discovery provided valuable insights, helped me recognize self-imposed barriers, and equipped me with strategies to overcome them. Kim's expertise and emphasis on reflection have profoundly impacted my personal and professional growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking to unlock their leadership potential.

Marketing Director,

Leading Global Consulting Firm

Ready to find out more?

Everybody has different needs and requirements. You may explore development and growth as an individual or as an organisation. If you, therefore, have questions or uncertainties around the services offered, then do not hesitate to reach out for a personal talk about how I can help you

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