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My Leadership Journey and Vertical Development

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

If you are to place yourself on a leadership scale from 1-5, where are you?

Are you familiar with the concept of vertical development/leadership agility? About how your competencies widen as you vertically grow to higher leadership stages as a leader? What do you do to grow as a leader?

In this week's BLOG, I speak about that as I appear as a guest speaker in Stuart Waddington's long-running youtube podcast "Leadership - what's on your mind?"

In that, we talk about what good leadership is to me, my leadership journey, my book "Vertical Development", and finally, what vertical development/leadership agility is all about.

Over the following months, I will dedicate time to digging deeper into the concept of vertical development/leadership agility. Share descriptions of the different leadership stages, which can help you identify where you are on the leadership scale or more correctly, which stage you operate on (seen in the context of your vertical development).

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